We are a Cafe, Gallery, and Event Space on the Far North Side of Chicago’s Rogers Park neighborhood. Our goal is to strike that perfect balance between excitement of the new and comfort of the familiar.


We started as a coffee cart on the D.C. streets--

--as a student run, independently owned coffee shop. We wanted to offer students and community near GW University an alternative to the chain-cafe environment--something that felt fun and genuine. The same intention still stands with our Chicago homestead in the historic Howard St Theater Building, which also functions as an art gallery and event space. It is our belief that coffee, food, and art hold endless possibility for bringing people together.

Roger’s Park is our home, and we love it here--

--we couldn’t have picked a better place to put down roots. Three blocks from Lake Michigan and surrounded by cool n’ classic neighborhood spots, 1615 W Howard St has been kind to us. We are inspired every day by the diversity and history of our neighborhood and try to incorporate that into our menu and space. Come on by and experience something new with us!






1615 Howard St
Chicago, IL



Mo - Th 7:00-7:00
Fr - Su 7:00-6:00